splice morrinsville 1

The Splice Construction Barriers team regularly work on roads in the East Waikato, carrying out routine accident damage repairs for the Maintenance Contractor.

This guard rail on the corner of SH26 and Thames Street was a historic barrier protecting a power transformer. Originally installed on a non-complaint beam, it was also retrofitted to the footpath. When hit by a vehicle, it simply buckled.

safety barrier for Morrinsville

The old historic barrier could not withstand much force, providing no barrier to a car hitting the power transformer.

Replacing the barrier came with some challenges says Splice Barriers Team Manager Jazmine Ellery.

“Due to footpath crossings, the length could not be extended” she says. “We removed the existing barrier, footpath and end terminals, replacing these sections with Waka Kotahi compliant ground beam (at an approved reduced length) and compliant terminal pads.

“The renewal work ensures this barrier will be functional in case of an accident and reduces the cost of future maintenance work.”

Another great example of Splice making the roads safer!