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Who We Are

We believe that rising to the challenge is only the beginning. It is in our nature to rise above challenges and use them as a stepping stone to becoming a great company with a great legacy. Splice Construction believes that the melding of unique personalities gives us the ability to put it together- right the first time.

We constantly balance the holistic overarching approach to project management with a very methodical and detailed approach to design and engineering. We are open-mindedly allowing us to look at problem-solving from any angle. 

Our culture is based around a collaborative approach involving all members of the team. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, we learn from our experiences and we commit to excellence in everything we do.

Challenge Us.

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These aren't just a list of values plucked from thin air – these are the fundamental building blocks of us as people. Our business is simply an extension of us as people.

  • Holistic – we look at every project from a very broad angle and never in isolation
  • Open-minded – we have an open mind. This allows us to be flexible, innovative, and think different
  • Methodical – our entire process is systematic and sequential. This allows us to be consistent in the delivery of our work.
  • Detail focused – our attention to detail gives us the confidence to tackle any challenge; we know we cross our T's and dot our I's.
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Health & Safety

Splice Construction has a high standard of Health & Safety and Environmental awareness and management. With the companies’ vast experience working on large NZTA projects, the company is well-entrenched into a health and safety culture where our workers feel safe and are happy to come to work each day.

Splice Construction Ltd has worked on New Zealand’s Roads for more than 10 years, both as a main contractor and as a subcontractor. Throughout this work, we have maintained high standards of Health and safety, with no serious injuries or fatalities to date. The rules related to Health and safety that we employ on all sites include:

  • Staff induction for all direct staff.
  • Site induction for all staff on the project, including subcontractors.
  • Competency assessments for all staff.
  • Mandatory PPE requirements: Hardhat, Safety Glasses, Hi-Viz Vest, Long sleeves, and pants. Lace-up high ankle steel cap work boots. Gloves for manual handling.
  • Prestart before every day’s work, including JSEA and Hazard ID.
  • Vehicle pre-start daily.
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